Welcome to LGC Workforce – a new and exciting content and awards programme from Local Government Chronicle

The Shortlist for the inaugural LGC Workforce Awards has been announced! Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter and massive congratulations to those that made the Shortlist.

The next stage sees a maximum of 2 people from each shortlisted entry presenting their entries to a panel of judges and a live audience at LGC Workforce 2023 in Birmingham on 8 November 2023. You can be there!

Book your place today to watch the shortlist for our 8 categories present live to the judges and hear first-hand about the projects and how they are transferable to your organisation.

Discover the journey they went on, the challenges they faced, and what they’d do differently in future.

LGC Workforce will demonstrate workplace best practice all in one place, all on one day. We’ll find out about how the projects came together, who was involved, the challenges overcome and most importantly what the outcomes were and how they have made a difference for their authority.

Why attend:

  • Learn from councils who have come up with innovative solutions to the workforce challenges facing councils
  • Take away ideas which can be adapted and implemented in your area saving the time it would take to find out about these ideas or reinventing the wheel
  • Hear and debate with high level thinkers on the workforce challenge
  • Tailor the event to what you’re interested in as you get the chance to select 2 of the 8 categories and watch each of the shortlist present live to the judges

To book your place call Kieran on 020 3953 2019 or email him at Kieran.McDougall@emap.com.

Discover the categories rewarding excellence in workforce innovation

Disseminate best practice and innovation to tackle the workforce challenges

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